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for VAT invoices management

Thanks to it you will easily import sales from Allegro, automatically generate
invoices for them, in a safe manner, which is without using the method of file attachment,
send to clients and export them to your invoicing software or archive them with us
and... and you will save time and money!

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Revolution in delivering invoices to clients! Easy, fast and effective with confirmation
of receipt and subsequently acceptance of its content. Find out why is it worth it!

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Maja, an accountant

Finally I don't have to type my invoices manually. I simply import them. And thanks to such solution I avoid mistakes and problems – and I save time.

Paweł, company owner

Flow for you is a super machine to generate invoices for my sales at Allegro. It takes me a few minutes every day, regardless of the amount of invoices I have to issue. These are savings!

Ela, boss of accounting company

I have never believed I would live long enough to see such simplification! Thanks to Flow 4 You I have been able to increase my turnover without increasing my costs!


With F4you.pl:

  •  you will easily import or issue invoices to your partners
  •  grant access to invoices to your accountant or accounting office
  •  send them to your partners effectively: you will get a confirmation report on time the invoice was displayed
  •  save time and limit your costs
  •  export invoices to leading invoicing-accounting programs
  •  you will increase the security of transferring data to the level of electronic banking, avoid the danger of transferring/ receiving invoices in attachments, which The Internal Security Agency warns of, with us the client clicks on a link in the mail and sees the invoice.
  •  accept or reject invoices from your business partners
  •  you will store the invoices in our electronic archve consistent with the Accounting Act: Journal of Laws from 2013, item 330

Go to F4you.pl system and find out yourself why it is the best tool for managing your VAT invoices!


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